5 General Conveyancing Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

For a first-time homebuyer, buying property could seem like a straightforward activity. Furthermore, you probably know a few friends and family who have purchased homes in the past. However, once you commence the process, you will realise that it is not as easy as many would assume. Below are some conveyancing tips you should consider as you purchase a property. Hopefully, they will ease the buying process and protect you from future liabilities. [Read More]

The Three Best Methods Of Termite Extermination

Termites are an all too common pest that plagues many Australian homes in both rural and urban areas. The problem is that they are nearly a ubiquitous species across the country which makes them so hard to completely eradicate. Luckily there are ways to clear them from individual properties, and there are different methods for different levels of infestation. If you have noticed some of these creepy crawlies and are looking at which termite extermination method you need, then here are the three of the most common options and a quick rundown of which situation they best apply to. [Read More]

Home Purchase: Simple Guidelines for Dealing With an Asbestos Problem

The fibres in asbestos-containing materials in a house can pose significant danger to those exposed. In simple terms, when the particles are inhaled, they could cause some long-term respiratory damage. Therefore, if you are purchasing a new home that could have such hazardous elements, you should evaluate the situation with care. Under ideal circumstances, you should not choose property that contains asbestos because you will need to manage the materials. However, if you have found an excellent house in a great location, asbestos should not be a deal breaker. [Read More]

When Rats Harass Your Rabbits: How to Get Rid of the Rats Attacking Your Rabbits

Keeping your rabbits outside, even in the apparent safety of a sealed shed or garage, may attract the attention of nearby rats. Rats are omnivorous, which means they eat pretty much anything. Although they may first eat your rabbits' food, they have been known to attack and kill rabbits. Rats may also raid hutches in order to drag away kits so it is imperative that you take action to get rid of them before they decimate your rabbit population. [Read More]